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Integration partners

The Zidyia Partnerships Network enables partners to build and maintain a technical connection to Zidyia Integration partners use open standards such as LTI and Zidyia APIs to create an integrated solution for Zidyia users.

Some examples of integration partners include publishers, student engagement platforms, and academic integrity solutions.

Service partners

The service partners partnerships program is provided to help Zidyia clients in the successful implementation and adoption of Zidyia.

Some examples of services provided by these partners include instructional design, software development, and change management consulting.

Channel partners

With access to our diverse ecosystem of products, Channel Partners offer products and potentially provide supporting services in selected regions around the world.

They are in close proximity to customers and provide exceptional value with their deep understanding of local languages, customs, and educational needs.

Let’s work together in partnership using IMS Global standards and our REST API to deliver the digital foundation for universities of all sizes.
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